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Danfoss 037N0004 Solid State Relay

The Danfoss Solid State Relay 037N0004 is a high-quality solution for controlling 50A electrical loads. With a control voltage range of 24-230VDC and 24-230VAC, this relay offers versatile compatibility. Its solid-state design ensures longevity and reliability in demanding applications.

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Product details


Efficient and Reliable Solid State Relay by Danfoss

Danfoss is proud to offer a high-performing solid state relay, designed to deliver efficient and reliable performance for your industrial applications. Our relay is compatible with a control voltage range of 24 to 230V DC and 24 to 230V AC, ensuring flexibility and versatility in usage. It has a maximum operating current of 50A and switched voltage of 24 to 480V AC, making it ideal for 1-phase applications.

Our relay variant is designed to provide easy and flexible installation with DIN mounting on panel. It operates within the temperature range of -5 to 40°C and the body dimensions of 90x110x124.3mm allow for space efficiency. We offer the ECI relay series, which features zero voltage switching and a heatsink design for optimal performance. At Danfoss, we are confident in our products’ durability and reliability.

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Additional information

Weight 1270.2 g


Control Voltage

24 – 230V AC

Switched Voltage

24 – 480V AC


DIN,, On Panel

Relay Series


Switching Method

Zero Voltage Switching

Surface Dimensions


Product Design


Maximum Operating Current Rating


Operating Temperature Rate

-5 – 40°C

Relay Variation


Relay Type

Solid State